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discography of aloisius

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aloisiyai {2020}

nine-track mixtape compiled of beats and remix's, released on bandcamp & soundcloud. this was before aloisius started to work with any vocalists.

so fragrant ft. Tony Bontana & Franklin Armstrong {2020}

this was the first single by aloisius released featuring vocalists.  featuring two elders to aloisius from the birmingham underground scene.

big smoke {2020}

two-track EP consisting of two skepta remix's.

havoc seems to be a part of nature {2020}

three-track EP featuring manny noir. the first project put together that featured a vocalist (aside from the single 'so fragrant'). manny noir would go on to be someone aloisius worked quite heavily with following this project.

a mind that is free {2020}

nine-track EP featuring archi silas & dochi, inspired by the words of Jiddu Krishnamurti.


carpediem {2020}

seven-track instrumental EP made while in the homeland of aloisius {malta}

7th w/ archi silas {2020}

two-track EP made with archi silas following the loss of his aunt.

learning2unfall {2021}

three-track EP {seven-track version released as cd exclusive}

all u have is ur soul {2021}

six-track EP made in a time of existential realisations.

with love w/ Manny Noir {2021}

nine-track EP by manny noir & aloisius, featuring mikispeakz

fulstop {2021}


aloisi i lids {2021}

four-track (seven on bandcamp) joint project between aloisius & vocalist 'bac of i lids'. the two went on to work together quite a lot following on from this project, their vocals tend to be slightly experimental and very processed/ effected.

concrete & coloured glass w/ hal haywood & wilfmerson {2021}

four-track EP, made with producer hal haywood. featuring vocals from hal haywood, bac of i lids & wilfmerson.

470 {2021}

three-track instrumental project, named after a number aloisius was seeing very heavily at the time.

new world order w/ Dan Oddysee {2021}

five-track joint EP with birmingham MC 'Dan Oddysee', who has been a key part of the birmingham underground UK rap scene for a long time, as a founding member of UK rap group The Oddysee, which aloisius grew up looking up to and listening to a lot.

common sounds - autumnal compilation {aloisius edits} {2021}

five-track compilation of remix's of songs recorded for a compilation by common sounds.

respite w/ archi silas {2021}

eight-track EP made with archi silas in one evening.

intermission w/ calmzulu {2022}

eight-track EP made with calmy {fka calmzulu}.


the silent flight w/ Manny Noir {2022}

three-track (four including the oghost remix) project made with manny noir, featuring a co-production from jkarri on 'back home to you'.


2019-21 loosies compilation {2022}

fourteen-track compilation of loose tracks produced by aloisius over 2019-21, featuring collaborations with mikispeakz, jaso, archi silas, manny noir, medhane, a'isha mu'azu, jkarri, oghost & dochi


thx98 {2023}

one-track {43 minute} album started in october 2021, finished in february 2023. made sampling a recorded improvisation made with lcc (BA) sound arts ( chopping/ arranging and manipulating the sampled improvisation). featuring vocal contributions from: a'isha mu'azu, calmzulu, nwakke, jaso, jkarri & bac of i lids, and additional guitar by jkarri. it was mix & mastered by matt moon & mike snow of prophecy studios. released on digital and vinyl.

this night {2023}

single by aloisius & the narrator. this was the first song made with the narrator, who then went on to be a frequent collaborator with aloisius, and the artistic director of life is beautiful.

ouroborus {2023}

single by aloisius & the narrator.

couldn't not tell you {2023}

single by aloisius, jaso & nwakke. the first single from 'the unfolding rose'.

fossil fuel {2023}

single by aloisius & isaiah hull. the second single from 'the unfolding rose', and the first release between aloisius & isaiah hull, who have since gone on to be frequent collaborators.

what's in your mouth? {2023}

single by aloisius & Bung. made in rotterdam.

the unfolding rose {2023}

an ever expanding album mostly made up of improvised one take songs recorded and mix & mastered by aloisius. it is a collection of moments, mostly collaborative recordings with others. on bandcamp & soundcloud the album will continually unfold, however with streaming services {due to their limitations}, this isn't possible, so it unfolds in 'petals'. so far three petals have been released, consisting of 37 songs each.


second hand smoke {2023}

single - by aloisius, casper hughes, abi asisa, zukö & isaiah hull.

reach {2023}

five-track EP by isaiah hull & aloisius, released in one-track format on digital and 12". featuring guitar by bianca scout & vocals by Bung.

falling rocks, angry {2024}

three-track EP by aloisius, expressing a certain feeling to a deeper, sharper degree.

adapt/ understand {2024}

single by aloisius.

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