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life is beautiful started in 2022 as a radio show (on loose fm) by aloisius (the life is beautiful show).


in early 2023 aloisius decided that he would eventually make life is beautiful his own independent record label, and series of shows/ experiences (also titled the life is beautiful show) in which he could fully realise the ideas he wanted to explore without any constraint or limitation. life is beautiful is a feeling and a home of comfort and freedom in exploration of ideas, no matter how simple or abstract.


aloisius invited 6 of his closest collaborators/ spiritual warriors to embark on this journey with him. these 6 founding spiritual warriors were/ are: the narrator, nwakke, jaso, abi asisa, bianca scout and isaiahull.


when formulating the ideas for life is beautiful, aloisius knew that he definitely wanted his close friend (and deep spiritual warrior) amber joy {the narrator} to be involved as more than just as an artist but also in the ideation and artistic direction of the label, as he had long admired her eye for design and art. so he asked, and she accepted, (she designed this website that you are on right now, shout out to her).

aloisius met samara langham in june 2023 through a mutual friend (nwakke), and ended up seeing samara again in close succession when she danced for a performance at cafe oto with nwakke, aloisius & jaso, and then again for an improvised performance at a gallery in soho with abi asisa. aloisius was deeply impacted by these performances and by the way samara moved.  an artistic relationship between aloisius and samara blossomed. samara then performed at the life is beautiful show #01 in July 2023, to a score made by aloisius. this performance further developed the artistic connection between aloisius and samara and aloisius was certain she was a spiritual warrior. after discussing with other members of life is beautiful, aloisius invited samara langham to officially join life is beautiful, and to continue to play a role in the direction that life is beautiful was/ is to take.

life is beautiful the record label is still in its embryonic stage, and has not yet left the womb, its 8 parents are currently taking care in its creation so that it is born with all its arms and legs, and can stand from the jump.

the official launch of the label will be at the start of 2024 (we are currently working on proposals for funding). at this launch we will also present the life is beautiful album {ft. everyone from life is beautiful records}.

the life is beautiful show shall continue bi-monthly at ormside projects bermondsey, with the next show (#04) taking place in march {check our shows page to keep updated with announcements of shows}.

ormside projects has played (& continues to play) a very important role in the development of life is beautiful, as it has provided a space for us to grow and build that feels comfortable, yet also pushes us forward in our practice. we have much love & appreciation for mike & all the ormside staff who consistently  treat us with care and respect and allow us complete freedom in our artistic expression.

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